Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spraying main stream Ramallah

A group of Palestinian activists started a project of graffiti in Ramallah on Friday morning, the graffiti work consists of visual words done with stencils in both Arabic and English aiming to move the society and create public pressure in regards to fundamental issue such as the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike, the need for the people to think and act.
The graffiti consists of words such as : “Hungry 4 freedom” in both Arabic and English underlining the word hungry in regard to the prisoners hunger strike, “Think” in both Arabic and English to try and create a certain controversy around the public’s silence on all that’s happening around and “There is still hope” in Arabic, that aims to give the Palestinian society hope for the future.
The graffiti was done all around the city of Ramallah, Am’ari Refugee camp and in the village of Betunia next to Ofer Israeli military jail in the West Bank.

Diana Alzeer is Palestinian-Bulgarian political and social activist and freelance producer living in Ramallah, Palestine. Twitter: ManaraRam Email:
All photos by: Irene Nassar

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